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Been a while since my last post. Apologies for that – I should have some actual new content in the next week on the blog, including the GC issue 7, and a review of the Niall of the Far Travels book. 

In the meantime, this is a spot on Amazon’s affiliate program. I had 180 days to make 3 sales when I initially signed up. That was about 4 months ago, and I have made a grand total of zero sales. I am consistent, anyway!

So now I have 60 or so days to make 3 sales, or they revoke my affiliate status.

If you are so inclined, please check out my Sword and Sorcery Authors page at the top, add a title to your cart from the link, and proceed with the purchase within 24 hours.  The cost will be the same to you, but I will make about 25 cents, and start my path to domination of the world’s financial markets.

Thank you! 

So Long, Stan

Stan Lee had a powerful influence on me when I was young, and obviously on this blog.

My earliest memories of any literature, aside from Green Eggs and Ham, were Conan the Barbarian comic books from Marvel. #11, Rogues in the House, was my first. Those issues were written by Roy Thomas and illustrated by Barry Windsor Smith, but they had what I later came to understand as the Marvel style; the dramatic art, action, and pathos in the storylines.

And currently, in this blog, I am publishing gaming reports in comic book form. These are done intentionally in the 70’s Marvel style.

There will be a lot written about his character and his influence; I just want to say: Thanks, Stan.


Greywater Chronicles Issue 6

I definitely won’t keep up this pace of an issue every week and a half! But I would like to get a few more out by the end of the year.

Anyway, we meet some more villains this issue, and ask some more questions.

Hope you guys are enjoying the series! Thanks for reading.

Edit: Only one typo so far!


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Picture Test

This post is just to try out a different way to post pictures. Ideally, you would be able to zoom in on it. This post might change a few times as I experiment.

Greywater Chronicles Issue 5

Hello, all!

Here is the latest issue of the Greywater Chronicles! Characters old and new, my Cavern terrain from Dwarven Forge, and an ancient idol all show up! This issue is dedicated to Dave Arneson, as Sir Norvan and his companions brave the Temple of the Frog!

Edit: So I already found 2 typos! Sheesh!


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Niall of the Far Travels

Niall of the Far Travels

The other night, as I updated the Sword & Sorcery Authors Page (hint, hint), I added Gardner Fox. He had a long writing career in both speculative fiction and comics. In his entry I mentioned the character Niall of the Far Travels, who was in fact my introduction to his writing, in the pages of Dragon Magazine; I am pretty sure it was issue 13, which I borrowed from my friend Dennis Brown, one of the first people I ever played D&D with. The first issue of Dragon I bought was #37, and the second was #38 which had another Niall tale, “The Cup of Golden Death.”

I mentioned in the entry that I did not believe the Niall tales were collected; I typed this as I linked to a Kothar collection on Amazon that had recently been republished. It would have taken three seconds to search for a Niall collection, and if I had I would have found one. It seems that with the 2017 republication of many of Fox’s S&S fiction, a collection of all 10 Niall tales was published for the first time.

This makes me happy. In those magical days of 1980, there was Conan and Niall as the embodiment of S&S for me, as I had not read about Kane or Fafhrd and the Mouser yet. Even now, when I think back on my earliest S&S impressions (as distinct from Tolkien’s high fantasy), Niall carries great weight. I am ecstatic to be getting this collection, of which I have only read about half.

I will be doing a review of the stories after reading the book. For now, here is my obligatory capitalist link:

Review of Broadswords and Blasters #1

Review of Broadswords and Blasters #1

The power here was restored Monday; the internet and cable was restored yesterday. I’m not complaining; the guys on the Gulf Coast have it infinitely worse. The power outage we experienced is a minor annoyance compared to their new reality.

One afternoon while home from work I got a chance to read through the booklet of short pulp stories I’d gotten through Amazon, Broadswords and Blasters issue #1. This is a brief review.

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Uncle Duke Seifried, 1935-2018

Last weekend, one of the great people in miniature wargaming died. Uncle Duke ran Heritage Miniatures for most of its existence, and that is when I first heard of him. The Der Kreigspliers line were my first lead figures, specifically some of the Lorien elves and White Hand orcs. He also worked with TSR hobbies back in the day, and until a few years ago was a tireless promoter of adventure gaming. He ran some huge battle games at various conventions from various historical periods, from ancients to Medieval to Napoleonics to the American frontier, and did as much for the Adventure Gaming concept as Arneson and Gygax did for Role Playing.

This blog, in particular my Greywater Chronicles, owes as much a debt to him as it does to the other two gentleman. Sorry to see he has passed on, and joined them at the great sandtable in the sky.

So long, Uncle Duke.

Historical Miniatures Gaming Society Obituary

Some pictures from Uncle Duke’s games

Ral Partha Kickstarter – Chaos Wars Wave 3

Of all the old 25mm lead figures from the days of yore, Ral Partha had the most beautiful sculpts. The company still exists, as Iron Wind Metals. They have done two previous kickstarters to bring some of their old figures back into production, and I invested in both. They have just launched their third campaign; this one involves forces of chaos, fae, and dryads.

For their second kickstarter, I did a bit of writing for their campaign book, as well as some editing. I hope to do so this round as well.

Check it out, and back it if you are so inclined!

Ral Partha Chaos Wars Wave 3