Good News, Everyone!

Did you hear Professor Farnsworth’s voice when you read that title?

I was unofficially hired yesterday. Once I clear up some social security (I lost my card) and/or birth certificate problems (when I was born, they didn’t always issue birth certificates; instead I have a Birth Registration Card), it will be official. I am really looking forward to not using my college degree again!

In other news:

I heard back from the other magazine I submitted a story to. It was a nice, respectful rejection letter. Seeing as how publishing the other Kabor story did not get much traction here, I’ll probably re-submit this one to another magazine.

The gaming for Greywater Chronicles #4 is done. I just have to assemble the comic. That will take at least 4 hours; depending on the employment situation, that could drop this weekend.

I hope you are all well!

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